Mega Glass - Commercial



A complete solution from start to finish.

Mega Glass commercial seeks to brings the glass visions of designers and architects to life.

It is a dedicated commercial glass service, offering both bespoke and off-the-shelf products for all public spaces.  We offer:-

  • Advise
  • Sourcing (glass and hardware)
  • Templating
  • Fabricating
  • Installing
  • Logistics

Mega Glass can supply everything from high concept to high volume. On time, on budget and with a level of professionalism that knows no compromise.

We work closely with our clients to help them create viable and robust solutions – we are constantly developing new and bespoke product innovations. We can source and create everything from the everyday to the truly different and inspiring; all we need is your brief.

Since 2012 our iGlass Technology® has set a standard in glass innovation and it is fast becoming a first choice for architects, specifiers, developers and end-users. Our new products include i-Clad safety glass and mirrors  (with the same BSEN safety certification as toughened glass but with added benefits including speed of production, workability on site, no roller-waves, colour consistency etc)  i-Enamel, i-Rad, i-Light, i-Laminate and i-Digital Glass. 


Our Glass Range

Glass technology is a fundemental part of the Mega Glass strategy and is the key innovation that enables us to develop the core technologies and processes that many of our class leading, smart glass innovations utilize. Our customers' needs and requirements are constantly changing, so we have to be pro-active, ahead of the curve and uniquely differentiate our products from our competitors. i-Glass Technology is a constant state of evolution - a learning process that continually explores the possibilities and pushes the boundaries and tolerance to its limits. iGlass Technology gives us that edge, it is a standard in glass innovation that delivers results and is fast becoming the first choice for architects, specifiers, developers and other end users. The range includes:

  • i-Clad Safety Glass: with a 1B1 Safety rating equivalent to toughened glass but workable post production, 5 day turnaround for our standard colour range and many other benefits. Also available in bespoke colours.
  • i-Laminate: in a range of foils, fabrics and opacities including whites as standard plus all bespoke options possible.
  • i-Light: plug and play glass panels with state of the art LED back lighting to deliver consistent light throughout panels, available in single colour or colour changing range of whites or RGB.
  • i-Enamel (toughened glass with uniform, vivid enamel colour)


Our finishing services

We have a range of services that ensure all quality finishing and safety specifications can be met.

The vast majority of our manufacturing and finishing services are carried out in our 34,000 sq.ft. factory near Luton.  They include:-

  • Accurate cutting to size
  • Range of edge finishes including standard bevelling and flat edge.  Mitred, tri pencil, Ogee, steep bevel etc. are also possible.
  • CNC, waterjet cutting
  • Drilling (including finger pulls)
  • Laminating
  • Toughening
  • Sandblasting and etching, non-reflective, obscured, patterned
  • Back painting (any colour)
  • UV bonding
  • Fully framed back-lit glass panels made to measure


The Mega Marble and Mega Glass connection.

Although completely independent of each other, our glass business works closely with our stone business, giving clients an opportunity to bring their stone and glass requirements together as one package. All completed with the same precision and passion.

Mega Marble and Mega Glass both offer outstanding resources, vast experience and exceptional skill in their respective fields.  Close co-operation between the two offers architects and specifiers, developers and kitchen installers the flexibility to integrate both stone and glass requirements under one roof offering design solutions at the planning stage and huge benefits at installation.

Clients who have embraced this joint service over the past three years include:








      Dressing Room



Dealerward CMS W
Balderton -1
Invisible Fixings Glass Ballustrade W
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I Clad Wall W1
Bathroom W
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