Mega Glass - Commercial

Mega Glass commercial seeks to bring the glass visions of designers and architects to life.

It is a dedicated commercial glass service, a bespoke and off-the-shelf service for all public spaces covering:

  • Advising
  • Sourcing
  • Fabricating
  • Installing
  • Logistics

Although completely independent of each other, our glass business works closely with our stone business, giving clients an opportunity to bring their stone and glass requirements all under one roof. All with the same precision and passion.

Mega Glass can supply everything from high concept to high volume. On time, on budget and with a level of professionalism that knows no compromise.

We can source and create everything from the everyday to the truly different and inspiring; all we need is your brief.

Our range of glass

We offer a vast range of glass and have established relationships with core suppliers including some of the largest glass wholesalers in Europe.

Size is not an issue. We have the space and the fabrication ability to tackle everything from large scale building projects, through to bus shelters and high volume component projects.

We also have the facilities to spray paint glass (any colour), laminate, sandblast and toughen glass to client specifications.

Chromatics Glass - Powerful safety. Powerful graphics.

Chromatics is a unique lightweight safety glass that combines extreme resistance to impact and controlled cracking (not crumbling) with the ability to customise both its colour and the graphics it displays.

In short, it is the perfect glass for those seeking supreme safety and the flexibility to create stunning colour and impactful images.

Its resilience to impact is such that, even when broken, a panel will retain its integrity, remaining intact, waterproof and functional until it can be replaced. 

Perfect for retail and secure public applications (in airports, for example) it offers a number of construction benefits. As it is tested and certified for use with structural adhesives it can be invisibly fixed, allowing for a low energy process with no heavy metals or toxic elements. 

Chromatics can be cut and recut, edge worked and drilled, even after processing, so it can be held in stock and cut to size when required. It can also, at any point, be edged or assembled to fit any glazing or fixing system.

From architectural cladding to balustrades and partitioning, Chromatics opens up a world of exciting new opportunities.

Our finishing services

We have a range of services that ensure all quality finishing and safety specifications can be met.

Some of our services also offer the opportunity to creatively explore what can actually be achieved in glass.

Our finishing services cover:

  • Standard bevelling and flat edge. Mitred, tri pencil, O.Gee, steep bevel, etc. are also possible
  • Laminated and toughened
  • Non-reflective, obscured, patterned
  • Backing with any colour or picture

Architectural hardware

To complement our full commercial glass service we also offer:

  • Off-the-shelf and bespoke architectural hardware. We have access to a vast range of handles, brackets, fixings and frames through our long established relationship with CR Laurence, the leading supplier of glass and glazing hardware
  • For a bespoke service we have established a relationship with a forge manned by a small team of 'wise craftsmen' who can bring clients visions/designs to life – the 1920's style shower door frame with inset glass pictured here is an example of their beautiful work

Production efficiency

Both our plant and processes ensure every project is handled with care and precision. We also understand the need for speed and economy and have the ability to respond, ensuring budgets and time lines are adhered to.

We pride ourselves in sourcing the most outstanding material, fabricating to the finest tolerances, and installing to the very highest standards, all seamlessly.

On both commercial and residential projects we can save both time and money, coordinating the whole project with templating and fixing done by our experienced in-house teams.

From creativity to production, it is our attention to detail that makes all the difference.

Creating something special

We are always experimenting with both stone and glass to create the different, the inspired and sometimes the exotic.

We have started work on how to fabricate glass skirting's and balustrade rails.

Very often aluminium, steel or brass frames, supports, fixings are integral to glass installations – we are also working with industry innovators on some new fixings, taking old established solutions and making them beautiful.

You can read more about our more exotic projects here on our Mega Passion page.


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