Our Story - Our Approach

We never turn down a challenge

Curves, columns, mosaics, tricky shapes, small details... we thrive on it all. Both Mega Marble and Mega Glass have a 'can do' culture, an energy and professionalism that drives both the creative bespoke side of the business and the delivery of large scale, high volume fabrication.

No matter the size or complexity of the project we combine creative thinking with innovative technology to ensure the best outcome for the client. What's more, we believe everything we do should be crafted; care, skill and a passion for the business driving the delivery of something special.

We cover everything from helping and advising in the planning stages, through sourcing and fabricating to final installation.

Over the years we have built up a considerable knowledge across a range of projects, both big and small, standard and specialist. This expertise and experience is supported by a substantial technical resource across our two factories.

We like to get involved as soon as possible on any project and are happy to consult on all aspects, from early stage ideas through to final installation. The ability to advise and guide at the beginning always seems to improve the efficiency of any project. And the end result.

Marble Column
Mosaic Floor