Our Story - Specialist Services

A range of skills to match a range of stone

From traditional crafts to high tech precision and equipment, we have the ability to bring the unusual and the complex to life.

Whatever your choice of stone we can create the shapes and finishes your vision demands.


To bookmatch marble we slice through the marble slab. When the marble is opened out there is a mirror image like the wings of a butterfly.

In the past you could only see the pattern after the marble was cut. The pattern was set in stone, so to speak.

With our technology, we can manipulate the patterns in the stone to achieve a special look to the whole installation. It is not a perfect science (working with a natural substance like stone never is) but it does achieve some very specilal results.

Curved and custom shapes




Our precision capability allows us to create anything from the basic and simple to the ornate and complex. 

From design to final installation we can bring the most elegant visions to reality.

Dado rails and mouldings

Our extensive range of diamond tools and the versatility of our CNC machines allow us to manufacture a wide choice of profiles.

Providing that there are enough quantities we can even work from your drawing and create a special shape/profile for you.



Stone Samples

Unlike other specialties where technology allows us to create the unusual and different, mosaics are still a special craft. Highly skilled artisans still work with their hands and their heart and soul, just as the Romans and the Greeks did.

Our palette is rich and varied, consisting of 50 coloured marble options. The chips are available in several sizes and two finishes. In some cases we also use the finest traditional smalti (glass chips coloured with oxides) and even gold mosaic. 

Mosaic Making One




Marble covers for shower drainage

For years the most elegant shower waste covers where linear and covered with marble strips.

At Mega Marble our design and technical team is now able to produce circular and fancy shaped covers.

For hotels and residences these covers can also bear a logo. For your own project they can be personified with a custom design.

Marble StepsBookmatched floor - Savoy Hotel, London
Bookmatch curved surfaceDiamond bookmatching on a curved surface
ColumnsColumns of all shapes and sizes precision finished
Dado RailDado rails shaped and installed
Mosaic MassimoThe most complex mosaics designed and hand assembled
Drain retouchDrainage hole precision cut in stone
Drainage CoverPerfectly matching drainage hole cover created